We are soon headed to a fancy black tie party, the always inspiring Make-A-Wish Wishmaker's Ball. What to wear for a girl who lives in casual clothes?  Each year I have fun with this challenge. From a very expensive pair of shoes bought for the occasion, to a $4 necklace, I've mixed and matched and repurposed my black tie look over the years with one thing in mind: comfort. 

Last fall I purchased something on a whim, not knowing where I would get to wear it. It is a lovely big floor length ball skirt. I'm so loving this look and the fact that you can mix and match the top for a different vibe is music to my ears.  

I love these three - a crisp black version with classic white or add a pop of color and keep the top simple, or a layer of tulle and a little edge. This thing's got legs.


Now I just need to find the perfect top:

Learn more about Make-A-Wish and the Wishmaker's Ball

images found here:  1 // 2 // 3 

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