I'm sure you have come across this image in your visual travels. It literally flashed in to my head yesterday. It seems somewhere in my noggin I have a filing cabinet for visuals and they pop back into the forefront of my mind at any given moment. I have been dreaming about freshening up our outdoor living situation so my subconscious filing cabinet brought me this:

Mark D. Sikes'  LA garden. 

I so love the feel of this garden and hope to recreate a small bit of it here. 

Mark's work is a delight to take in. Just looking at these pics takes me back to my Silver Lake apartment and the easy breezy LA lifestyle. I can never get enough of that LA light. Thankfully I can achieve some of that here in FL although the 'breezy' part of 'easy breezy' is a little questionable.  

Here is some more inspiration from Mark's website.  I am a sucker for a good Hollywood Hills home.
This is one of them.

A fun fact: Mark is getting ready to launch MD Stripes, blue and white striped knits (tops, bottoms and dresses). Read about it here.  I am very excited about it as you know how I like a good striped tee.

More cool stuff to see from Mark:  his instagram  feed and his blog.

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