I just got off the phone with my friend E who is looking for a few fun statement tee's. The message can be as subtle or, well, not so subtle as you wish. Which makes the choice all the more fun. Throw on a fitted skirt, trench coat or blazer and you are out the door in 5 minutes feeling slightly cheeky.

I have found a couple lately that I love, including one that says 'Le Tee Blanc' which pretty much sums up my wardrobe (sadly the tee is sold out).  I wish I had designed that one.

So in the spirit of being your personal shopper, here are a few of my favs from my go-to sites.

Dream   /  Angelino  /  Pure Sugar  /  Flowers

Downtown  /  Coffee  /  Creme  /  Uptown

My favorite? Pure Sugar.  Going in my shopping cart asap. 

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