For the last few years Outstanding in the Field has been on my radar. This was the first year we attended and after experiencing both the concept and the food we are most certainly keeping an eye on dates for their next event in Florida.  

Held at Lake Meadow Naturals farm, the Florida leg of the Outstanding tour brought gorgeous cool weather and a fantastic meal.

Founded in 1999 by Jim Denevan, Outstanding has traveled across the country and back partnering with local farmers and chefs to bring local fare to the table.  Set and served family style, the endless one long table makes a statement. Togetherness, interacting with new people, sharing a platter of food that connects you directly to the farm. 

As day turns in to dusk turns in to night you can feel the pleasure and care that has gone in to preparing every course. It is a lovely event and I highly recommend you check out the website to see if there is an event near you in 2015. 

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