By now its no secret that I love white. I walked into Canvas Interiors yesterday and was so excited to see a subtle shift in the floor that really made it feel like a sea of dreamy white sofas. I just wanted to sink in and stay awhile. But car pool awaited. I snapped a few quick shots and ran. The feeling of light and bright stayed with me though. 

In the spirit of my favorite color, I put together this collection which you can find on our website. 

White accents, shiny bits, a little silver - put it all together and your home will glimmer.  A good place to be.

You can see this and other lovely goods on our website here. 

We have a talented group of people ready to help you from afar. Currently in two bricks and mortar locations and oh-so-close to opening our third, we have real people at the other end of the mouse to help you. We ship anywhere so don't be shy, click away.

If you have questions feel free to email

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