We had our first large gathering in the new dining 'pavilion' as it has now been named.  Simple quick take-out took on a whole new vibe when we sat together with family and friends around a cozy table and enjoyed our new space. 

We are ready to toast the upcoming holidays - I for one am excited for a festive bit of holiday style in our house. So much so that I did a DIY glitter project over the weekend. And I am not a DIY kinda gal.  

We put our Berkshire table in the pavilion and it is a happy place to be. One of the things we try to do to make our store a convenient stop for you is stock most of what we carry. Here are some our dining tables from Canvas Interiors and if you are feeling the holiday itch like I am, check these out. We could very well get one to you before your next big gathering, especially our local friends. 


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