The cardigan has long been a style staple for me. The coat thing was of course a necessity growing up in Toronto. But living in LA, SF and now FL, the cardigan is the perfect layer for these climates. I always carry one in my car no matter the time of year, as frigid air conditioned stores and restaurants are a given here. 

Simply put, I cannot go a day without wearing one. And the key to my happiness is cashmere. A whispy tank top and a light weight cashmere cardi for a summer night out. A long sleeved tee and a thick coat-like cardi for a chilly day. Ask any of my friends and they will tell you the one thing they pretty much never see me without is a cashmere cardigan. 

With leggings, boyfriend jeans or a dress and a killer pair of boots, the cashmere cardigan is the perfect piece to invest in. I can't tell you how many miles I have trekked in mine. There are few things I will splurge on, and cashmere is one of them. Try one - I promise you will coo with delight when you slip it on.


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