Having added furniture to our almost completed addition coupled with the fact that it is a rainy-on-and-off kind of day, I don't want to leave the house. I am so enjoying sitting in our new room and soaking it in.  We just unpacked the furniture yesterday and I couldn't be more excited.  I truly believe not only are we happy but so is the house. I know it sounds crazy but this addition was just begging to be done. We had our first family meal there last night and look forward to many more.

Here is a quick peek at the dining room today:

A few things we've realized/still need to do: 

1. Add the sea grass rug
2. Add sconces to the wall facing the tree house (you can see it peeking out in the back)
3. We want to perhaps lower the chandelier but still keep it lofty and keep the view unobstructed. We don't want it hanging traditionally right down over the table but after living with it for a few days we are thinking it could come down a tiny bit more. Still toying with this idea.
4. The room could take a bigger table. We have our eye on one so we will love our Berkshire table until we commit to another in the Canvas Interiors family.  

And in the interest of keeping it real here on canvasstyle, here is the behind the scenes:

The yellow tree house is the launching pad for the zip line. We disassembled and are reassembling the brown play structure next to the yellow one and connecting the two for a playhouse 'town home'. I will then paint the new town home a nice warm grey to blend with the house & tree.

Please note the lack of countertops (mini-issue hopefully solved this week) and the big giant dirt pile in the yard. So while I can take pretty pictures of the table I thought I should share the 'undone' nature of things behind the scenes.

You can find the Canvas Interiors items on our website or by following these links:

(the black chairs are special order and do not appear on our website but please email the store for further info on these or any other questions you may have: hello@canvasinteriors.com)

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