Someone told me the other day that our living room felt soothing. It was a perfect word to describe how it feels when you step from the chaos that is the kitchen/family room into our living room. It is truly a sensory shift. Like a soft creamy cocoon. I was so excited that someone used a word like that to describe how it feels. Rather than 'pretty' or 'beautiful' it was 'soothing'. That is exactly what we strive for in Canvas Interiors. Make you home a place of feeling and the beauty will follow.

Here is our living room piece by piece. Yes we have kids and yes these pieces are white. Slipcovers are a beautiful thing with kids... pop them off and throw them in the laundry.

We mix silver and bronze pieces for a not too matchy matchy feel. The herringbone rug echoes the subtle pattern on the pillow. Thats about as exciting as it gets folks!  And thats how I like it. 

In addition to what you see here I have a huge vintage mirror I scored at a flea market 25 years ago and guessed it... white, and a lucite and brass console table I picked up on 1st dibs. When you start with a simple canvas you can add vintage pieces from different eras and it all works. 

You can find all of these pieces on our website and we are having a sale so that cute little brass occasional table above? It is marked down to $379.


Visit  canvas interiors  to see our entire collection and Labor Day Sale items.

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