I love a good pair of skinny jeans. AG makes pretty much hands down my all time favorites. I am sitting comfortably in them right now with my flip flops on and couldn't be happier. However... there are days when you just want to feel like you are in your PJ's. Thus my rekindled love for the slouchy pant.

The key to the slouchy pants thing is balance. I tried a whole lot of them on last fall and not being the tallest kid on the block, most of them went back. Too baggy, too long, too poofy.  I settled on the Joie Mariner version in black and love them.

I am now ready for a summer pair. They are just the right amount of slouch without being too sloppy. A little white cotton tank top, a delicate necklace and some flat sandals by day. Add sassy heels a silk tank and voila an easy summer night out.

I think I will road test the last pair... they look fun, I am slightly pattern averse but these seem inviting and summery. And they are on sale. Bonus. 


I would love to see you in your canvasstyle-inspired outfits! Wouldn't that be fun? I never really know if what I am writing resonates with you. So, if you are on instagram, selfie your self and #canvasstyle @canvasstyle it. It would be a great way to play together! 

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