We are officially under construction Chez K.  When we first looked at this house it was abundantly clear that the kitchen although lovely, stopped just shy of fully functioning. Lack of counter space and a teeny tiny eat in nook were not going to cut it longterm. As we were discussing whether this house was the right one for us my answer that day was "yes, but only if we can bump out the kitchen, extend counter space and fit a harvest table in a new room off the kitchen".

After 3 years and countless (!) rounds of architectural drawings, we have finally begun. There are limitations with a reno... existing architecture and scale have us a tad boxed in but in the long run we chose a narrow room vs. a wider one that would have cut off the backyard and created unusable outdoor space. S and XS K's need room to roam. 

I will keep you posted on our progress but in the meantime here are a few inspiration photos that I have collected on my pinterest "Summerland" boarda few snaps of the interior portion of the project, and the framed space. 



Extending kitchen counter to the left of the stove and creating an 'L' shape pretty much exactly where you see the bench. Lower cabinets only, window straight ahead in this picture stays so I can watch S and XS K in the yard. Wall to the left in this picture goes away and opens into new room. 


We have included as many windows and doors as the Florida hurricane codes will allow (which is not enough but I digress). French doors at the end will open on to a small patio connecting to the pool deck, with doors also opening poolside. I am hoping to create an intimate courtyard feeling around the pool while still preserving space for the kids to run free on the other side. 

More soon as progress continues...

Thanks for stopping by and please say a little prayer that what I see in my head actually turns out! Fingers crossed. 

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