My favorite stop when we arrive to Harbour Island is The Sugar Mill. Of all the places on the island I savor this place the most. India Hicks and Linda Griffin own and curate this treasure chest of a store. 

There is always a new mix of merchandise, never a dull moment visually. It is a happy place, made more so by the sweet staff and cheeky accessories. Delicate India Hicks jewelry rests beside skull and crossbones towels. It all just works. Their eye for merchandising never disappoints, in fact, always entertains. An eclectic mix, a clean cool edit. Elegant and island-perfect clothing hangs next to India's new bedding line - makes you want to put on a floaty caftan and recline in bed on cool sheets.

I always say the same thing when I write about The Sugar Mill. It inspires me and makes me stop and look at every little thing. There is spirit of creativity and inspiration that runs through the threads of our time on this island. It then becomes more than just a vacation, it becomes part of our journey.

In that spirit I am also sharing photography (lifestyle images above) by Brittan Goetz who has shot India and her family numerous times. Brittan's work is lovely and captures the The Sugar Mill perfectly. Her visual sensibility is simple and clean. I must thank India for putting us together and knowing we would get each other's visual language. Please take a moment to look at Brittan's site it is lovely.

The most special moment of the trip was the beautiful 90 year old woman sitting in a chair under the shade of a tree who spoke to Mr. K and Small K. She handed them a water bottle filled with pink sand and said "take this home and tell your friends about Harbour Island".

So there you have it friends. I did what the beautiful lady asked. The beauty of this island fills my heart.  

lifestyle images: Brittan Goetz
product images: indiahicks.com
the sugar mill facebook page
read more about The Sugar Mill in this canvasstyle interview with Linda Griffin

ps: there is a sale going on now at indiahicks.com

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