spotlight: Kara Rosenlund

I went on a little impromptu pinterest journey and ended up finding a wonderful blog and website from Australia.  I thought I would share it with you today for a little sense of adventure. Lets go to Australia shall we?

I'm guessing you may have seen these pins...

They are from the uber-talented Kara Rosenlund. Kara is a photographer by trade and has expanded her career to stylist, buyer and seller of vintage wares.  Her eye is well trained and whether stepping infront of the camera to style an interior, or behind the camera to shoot her life's little moments... is clearly a win/win for us.  

Its hard to know where to begin with Kara's talents.  Step inside Kara's home life on her blog where she posts recipes and delicious photographs of things like flourless chocolate cake.  

...or pictures of the strawberry peach crumble she made over an open fire in her backyard. 

...or check out a recent styling job she did 

...or sign up for one of her 'vignette' classes and learn how she puts together still life moments

But the thing that has me most in awe of Kara is this fabulous idea: 

She travels around Australia in her lovingly restored 1956 Franklin Caravan and sells vintage wares for the home. Kind of a rolling flea market. First of all, what fun. Secondly, she has an amazing eye for photography and styling so just imagine what she finds at flea markets and curates.

This image alone is amazing... looks like a Kate Spade ad. 

Her styling eye is amazing... take a look at some of her work:

Oh, did I mention she had an online shop as well? Everything on her site is beautifully photographed and presented including these simple everyday objects:

I could spend more time trying to explain to you all the cool things Kara does.  But instead, take a trip to Australia and get lost for a few moments in Kara's world.

I only wish she could drive Frankie stateside.

see more of Kara's talents here:

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