a new shelter magazine: Milieu

If you have seen interior designer Pamela Pierce's work you know she is a very talented woman ( I want to move in to this room). If you have seen the latest issue of Veranda Magazine with the gorgeous images of her newly refreshed home you know she has amazing taste and an eye towards the future.

If you put these things together and start a magazine as Pamela has, 
you have Milieu, a quarterly home and garden magazine launching Fall 2013. 

Pamela's new venture strives to communicate the mood and character of what makes a place a home. The editorial content will be both sophisticated and playful. The attention to detail, whether the photography or the quality of the paper will tie in to the overall spirit in which the magazine was founded. Milieu will communicate not only the way a space looks, but how it feels. 

It is exciting to see a magazine being founded in a web-crazed world. In an age where some of our favorites are gone (Met Home, H & G, Domino anyone?) Pamela is starting something new and I congratulate her for making it happen. It will be a welcome addition to the 'curl up on the sofa' moments where you want to touch something other than computer keys. 

I have had the pleasure of speaking with Pamela about her new venture and her enthusiasm and positive energy are so refreshing.

I put together a few images of the magazine for you - a little preview, courtesy of Pamela and her team. Seeking new talent, bold thinking and undiscovered interiors from around the world, Milieu brings a fresh perspective to the mix.

In reading the Veranda article  and then speaking with her, Pamela strikes me as a woman with a clear vision and the desire to get the job done. I am sure she and her team will deliver. Pamela has assembled a talented group of industry professionals and has the vision to make great things happen. 

For more information about this exciting new venture visit: here
For information on advertising in Milieu visit: here
For a subscription visit: here

And to see more of Pamela's design work, visit: here

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