shoes and a house

I know I talked about shoes on Monday, but I just need to share one more that I am slightly obsessed with and then show you the shoe designer's house. I am now slightly obsessed with that too. 

This is the shoe I am in love with:

Jenni Kayne's home is one that appeals to me on so many levels. Jenni and her husband Richard took an 80's structure and did a gut renovation, removing stainless steel details and sharp angled shapes. Pine siding from an old barn in Pennsylvania was used to infuse warmth to the expansive ceiling in the entry pavilion and hand- hewn oak from the same barn surrounds windows and doors. 

A mix of vintage finds and clean lined furniture make this a perfect blend of warmth and contemporary living.  It is the side of contemporary I gravitate towards and one of the first conversations Mr. K. and I had the night we met (considering he is in the contemporary furniture business I went out on a limb and told him I thought a lot of contemporary was too cold for me - bold move on my part).  

Thankfully we agreed that night that contemporary doesn't have to mean cold.  It can be infused with wood and texture and feel organic. Just like Jenni's place. This home is great inspiration for Mr. K and I.  It encompasses what we talked about that first night. A conversation had over a candlelit table in a castle in Ireland could very well be the roadmap to our 'future house'.  These images bring that future house to life for me.  

read the full article: Architectural Digest
photography: Roger Davies

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