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Today I am going to get you inspired to shake off the chills with some images of beautiful beach retreats.  Small details can work big miracles to switch the feeling of your interiors to light and airy.  I think you must know by now that I am a big fan of slipcovers. And white. And sisal. If you have checked out Canvas Interiors and our FB page  you can see the method to my madness.

So here are a few images to jump-start your summer thinking.  

 a cozy nook at the top of the stairs

 small space, graphic details used sparingly

warm wicker, wood and shells 

little  details

 a quiet corner

 a touch of glam

 sink in

 dive in


open air 
(and the spot of our wedding dance floor before they put in the pool)

layers of texture

Just looking at these images makes me happy. This type of living lightens my mood. When I was little growing up in Toronto, I wrote a poem about wishing I was a bird so I could fly away in winter to live in the sunshine. 20 years in California and then on to Florida with a detour once a year to Harbour Island. Yup. Got that covered. My inner voice was guiding me in 1st grade.

Now, there are two clues in these images about a fabulous and fun post I have prepared for this Thursday.  It will include, yes, a giveaway of something so cool I want to enter.  But alas, that would not be fair so I'll leave it to you!

Be sure to check back this week!  

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