hey shortie!

I am jumping for joy that the Bermuda short is back in action as a 'fashion item'. I have long been a wearer of this type of summer short and think they are cool.  Yes cool.  Mr. K. finds them, well, less than cool.  But I am thrilled that designers have reintroduced on of my style staples with a modern edge. 

Wear them with a floaty or floral top. Or pair them with a white tank top and Converse. Loose fitting or  trim and tailored, these shorts are most certainly on my shopping list for spring.  Just think of the summertime possibilities.  

Here are some images to ...


tailored and feminine

edgy and cool

tough and floral 
( I know, she doesn't look all that happy but for obvious reasons I had to include the Converse)

chic and sexy

And some shopping links if you so...


inspire images found: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

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