spotlight: SF GIRL BY BAY

I've been home today with my sweet sick XS boy and not at the 'machine', as in computer.  On a quick stop at the machine I checked Facebook and found that my friend Victoria has been profiled on today's design*sponge.  She is super fantastic and talented and all around really nice.  So I thought I would share a post about Victoria and her interview on design*sponge for your reading pleasure.  

Meet Victoria. 

This is an awesome picture btw V.  I can hear you now saying "oh I'm too shy to be infront of the camera".  But forget shy! I am waiting for someone to offer you a TV show.

Her journey from ad-gal to blog maven is inspiring and insightful for anyone toying with starting their own business, taking a leap of faith, following their heart. Victoria's blog is an inspiration to me, as is she.  One of the sweetest people I know, one of the most creative. And if you haven't found her lovely blog yet, today is the day you should.

Read about Victoria's career path and advice on the always wonderful design*sponge.
Check out her blog SFGIRLBYBAY.
And then you simply must check out her new venture, Makeshift Society.

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  1. Thank you so much, Cat! You are so sweet to post this. Alas - I'll stay behind the camera, but thank you! xoxo


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