Hello and happy last day of 2012!  On this new years eve day I share an image that really caught my eye and sums up a few things for me.  

1. look back and cherish the good.  
2. sometimes it rains (metaphor here) but you can 
throw on a sparkly dress and make the best of it.  
3. at the end of the day it doesn't have to be perfect, just real.  

While new years eve is usually a time for festive party images, I loved the quiet sparkle of the rain in this one. The reflective moment... looking back.  For me this represents that one moment I have on New Years Eve no matter who I am with or where we are. That moment where I just have to stop and reflect. Feel quiet in the midst of revelry. Feel hopeful for what is to come. 

As we head into 2013 I thank you for reading.  
It has been a great first year on the blog 
and your comments and support have been lovely gifts. 

Happy wishes from me to you

oh and ps:

have fun tonight!

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