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I fell in love over the weekend. With another blog. So today I spotlight again. So soon you ask?  But this one I had to share.  It is the amazingly lovely blog where I found last Friday's 'amour' image. I have seen the blog before while cruising around the web waves, but not spent the time on it that it deserves.  Once I did that I was hooked.

So I thought, why wait? Here is another incredibly inspiring blog for you to add to your reading list.

Jamie Beck and her husband Kevin Burg have created a body of work I could spend hours enjoying. And as a veteran Art Buyer (a person who sources and produces photography for an ad agency) with a very picky eye, the photography stands out in a sea of blogs. Ad friends take a look. I especially love her current entry about New York.  

I highly encourage you to check out From Me to You when you have time to really explore it.  It is special.

Jamie and Kevin


collaboration with amazing stylist and blogger Kelly Framel

I covet this dress btw...

heartfelt images from their travels

a little bit of this

a little bit of that

and romance

They have captured a sweetness and sense of adventure that is very endearing. 

Then there is this amazing thing they do:

This is done really well.  Just enough.  Not over the top. Very cool.  

Their work is such a lovely marriage between old school and future thinking. Beautiful and current fashion photography. Romantic and personal old school film photography from their travels. Film in this digital age is rare to see and in my opinion still incredibly beautiful. Kevin has a background in traditional art and a passion for digital art which brings future thinking and innovation to the mix. 

Together they travel, they create, I think I love them.  

all images: ©annstreetstudio

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