grey matter

There is something about grey that I love. It is both soft and steely. Cozy and dramatic. If this is your first visit to the blog, I will tell you that I do love things that have a dual nature. I am you see, a Gemini. (The balanced kind, not the crazy kind right Mr. K?) 

Here is why I like grey:  

Its neutral
Its simple
Its classic

..which makes it a style staple in my closet

wrap up in layers

a grey blazer adds structure to a soft floaty shirt

basic grey sweater acts as the favorite go-to 'sweatshirt' 
with cozy socks to boot (sorry, couldn't help myself)

channel a romantic moment 

at the cabin - soft and unstructured

in the city - a little sparkle

simply divine

For the holidays I will be recycling one if not two grey dresses from years past. 

Dreamy or sparkly grey in all of its moods
simply beautiful

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