cozy nook

Sometimes a little inspiration and a couple of throw pillows is all you need to create a cozy nook in your home. Do you have a spot you could claim as your own and make a cozy nest?  Here are a few images to inspire you as the weather turns a little chilly. Collect coffee table books, blankets and maybe hang some curtains. Make a cup of tea and settle in for a few quiet minutes of reflection and relaxation.  I certainly am going to try. We have a landing at the top of the stairs that is calling my name.

A nook can take on so many personalities. Exotic, cabin, preppy, graphic, serene, colorful, feminine. It is the perfect place to express a little personality without making a huge visual commitment. My favorite? The blue and grey one - just the right idea for the top of our stairs. A transitional space leading into the kids playroom, this spot could also double as an overflow guest sleeping nook.  

A spot like this becomes a place for reflection an relaxation just by the nature of the space.  
I am motivated to create this special place as we head into the chilly months.  
Wish me luck! 

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