Imaginary house hunt

I have an insatiable curiosity about two things that I attribute 100% to my parents.

1. 'Picking' or in more genteel terms 'antiquing'
2. Looking at real estate all the time even though I have absolutely no need to move.

My Dad used to look at real estate listings no matter where we were. Just to look. Just because. Whenever we traveled be it countryside, mountains or the next neighborhood over, he would stop in to the local real estate office and get the little brochure thingy. And everywhere we went there was an antique store, old barn or dusty old junk store my sister and I explored. 

In that spirit I am going to start showing a few listings here and there just so we can get a little travel, picking, voyeurism and a dash of wishful thinking all rolled into one post. Sound good?

Today we travel to Sweden to Villa Viktors Hill.  Original period details mixed with things like a modern kitchen make this home feel modern/ historic. And of course simple white slipcovers and loads of white paint make it very canvas style.  

If you are curious about the price, here is the currency conversion.

25,000,000 SEK = 3,842,130 USD

White paint and new slipcovers = much less

Hope these images inspire you to 
hit the countryside this weekend, 
stop at a yard sale, or paint your living room. 

images found: here

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