lighten up

I've been shooting a lot of images of our lights lately so today I will share with you a little of this, a little of that from the lighting collection at canvas interiors.  We have put together a collection of table lamps, pendants and chandeliers that feel artful and interesting. Everything from crystals to iron.  If you start with a simple canvas, you can create any vibe you wish.

Take a peek:

dangling crystals encased in contemporary silver - love this juxtaposition

simple shape, interesting texture - see below

like a tulip... 

our fan fav - we love it too.

graphic and clean illuminates our fan fav table

 here you can see a few goodies - all with their own vibe.

 this lamp base is crackled for texture and note the big chandelier in the mirror

nautical and industrial

petite yet makes a statement - especially when grouped together

romantic beachy

exotic and warm

Hope you enjoyed the lighting tour. 

You can contact the store directly here 
if you are interested in dimensions or availability
of any of these beautiful lights. 

images in this post ©canvasstyle
proper credit is appreciated

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