Sunday at Canvas

It has been a while since I posted about the store.  So today I thought I would share some images with you that I took this weekend. It is a random mix of new things and shows the range of vibe, texture and tone that is achieved all while starting with yes, you guessed it... a simple canvas.

Finishing touches are being made on the website - a learning curve and new experience for us but we are very close to just closing our eyes, jumping in, and going live.

love this new sofa - so large and comfy and these new coffee tables are really interesting

a giant basket for blankets or throw pillows adds texture and scale to any room

the patterns on the drum table and pillows echo each other 
and make for an eclectic mix of texture with this sofa

this is the same sofa styled with a carmel-soft ottoman and neutral pillows

old railroad ties form a nesting table - looking great with the sectional and reloaded rug

this bench is one of my favs - clean lines and a slim profile 
makes a great resting place for you or the pillows from your bed

speaking of beds... this one is one of my favorites

 this new sofa and new pillows are soooo soft and comfy - sink-in-and-stay kind of comfy

Next on the arrival list: a very cool new dining table, a fabulous lower profile sofa and a mirrored console table. I will share when they get unpacked and find their place on the floor. 

The eclectic mix of shapes and textures allows for an ever-evolving floor 
and endless combinations for your imagination.

I hope you enjoyed the tour!

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