love affair

So do you ever get in a fashion trance and have one 'go-to' piece each season?  I certainly do.  I wouldn't call it a rut, I would call it a love affair.  So here are the object of my affection sandals this summer...

I have worn these with everything from jeans to maxi dresses and yesterday I searched and searched to find the same pair to stash in the closet for when these wear out.  Because that day will come soon. I think I got these at the Neiman Marcus outlet on extra-super-duper-sale.  I wish I had bought a second pair that day.

a few more that have caught my eye this summer...

Tory keeps it simple on this shoe 
even though I am not a big 'logo-as-design' fan, these are spare 

These are so major.  
Yes, Ms. Zoe has created the pair I covet and yes, they are sold out
in my size.  

I wonder if people bought two at a time?

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