beach dream home

After tropical cyclone Luis claimed her little St. Barts beach house in 1995, Alisa Thiry, former fashion editor of Elle UK set out to build her dream home on the site.  Symmetry was the foundation for the architectural process. Another wish was immediate visual access to the water.  

Step inside to see how she achieved her goals.  
arrive to a blue horizon line

clean lines front and back with a dash of whimsical pink


spare yet inviting

white and wood make good partners

a kitchen that doesn't scream kitchen with seating for many 

write a letter, grab a cold drink

take a nap 

lounge here

get fresh here after a day in the sun

or step outside to a volcanic rock wall shower

tuck in with the doors open and breezes putting you to sleep

Using raw materials like stone and wood combined with clean lines makes for a warm combination.
Spare interiors and wide open spaces leave room for the beautiful blue outside.
It looks like perfection to me.  

images found: here

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