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I had a dream last night that I was in an elevator in LA and someone offered me a job at an ad agency.  I have had LA on the brain lately and I'm not sure why.  Having lived there for 10 years working in advertising the dream wasn't too far fetched.  And I do have a soft spot for LA.  The sun, the quality of light, the vibe, the art and laid back lifestyle is a plus.  The rest of it you work around like the traffic and Real Housewives crowd.

This morning with my coffee I clicked through the new issue of Lonny magazine and this Malibu house is the standout for me. Beautiful light, eclectic interiors all based on a palette of white is just right in my book.  Patrick Cline captures the essence of this retreat in these light filled images.

Someone asked me once while standing in canvas, "Catherine are you really this beige?"  and the answer is yes!  In fact, my answer was "give me a house on the beach in Malibu with a white interior and I'd be a happy girl".

Well, here it is:


stay tuned to see if I accept that job in my dreams tonight...

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