Hello, and welcome to this week's


1. I recently checked back in to A House in the Hills and found myself wanting to catch up on all things Sarah Yates. She has a wonderful eye, and a way of sharing life's day-to-day that is utterly charming. 

2. My thinking is still in skirt mode for holiday ensembles... this one with a white T will work for the extra fancy. Or you may like this matte black sequin skirt which i would do with a grey T.

3. Next up on the calendar chez K is Mr. K's college homecoming weekend. Excited to be in some cooler weather and pull out some chunky sweaters like this and a poncho like this.  We are headed to Asheville after the homecoming festivities which I am really excited about as I have been wanting to check it out for quite some time. 

4. The one DIY thing I actually enjoy doing is playing around with gold leaf.  I think it is the messy unpredictability of it that I like.  Check out how to do these place settings on Cupcakes and Cashmere


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