Way (way) long ago at my first 'real job' at Chiat\Day LA,  I met some amazing people. It was the perfect time to be making no money and working til midnight, surrounded by art and creativity. The place was dripping with both and to this day still my favorite job ever.  It was here I met Marcy and her sister Kelly.  Two dynamic sisters one of whom worked at Chiat (Marcy) and the other pursuing a career in art (Kelly).  

Fast forward many years (I'm not going to say how many) and check out Kelly's latest exhibition at the De Buck gallery. 

She has been published, collected, and has exhibited in both group and solo exhibitions. Most recently she has published a coffee table book of her work. Women in demure vintage dresses holding a chainsaw, a wrench, a garden hose.  I love the narrative Kelly creates in these paintings. Thought provoking and pretty.  A very powerful combination.    

See more of Kelly's work on her website: here where you can also pre-order her book which releases November 15th. 

Check out the De Buck Gallery here - the exhibition opened last night and runs til December 21st. 

Congrats Kelly on your amazing body of work, gallery show and new book! 


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