And here we go with today's


1. As you may know I am a big fan of Sundry and this little gem is on sale.  Yay!

2. I am not the most crafty person you will ever meet but if you want to make these beautiful bowls head on over to Camille Styles to see how its done. I wish I was her friend so she could bring me one as a holiday hostess gift.  

3. Jorts.  I have worn them for years, just like this with sandals and white T's and arm candy and a cool necklace.  I will forever love jorts. To me the are a wardrobe staple/classic/never going away and no I am not going to hashtag each of those words.  

4. White paint. Sounds easy enough right?  White is tricky and here is a good guide. 

5. I am slightly obsessed with Suzanne Kassler's work.  You have probably seen her beautiful outdoor space all over pinterest but here it is decked out for a party.  Lovely. 


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