In my search for the perfect paint color for the exterior of our house I saw this on Pinterest:

Soft, subtle, a little dusty grey.  When tracing the paint color back to its source I found someone I've blogged about before. I love these happy surprises when my eye takes me back to someone or something that has caught my eye in the past. It means the editor in me is staying true to my style.

It is so easy to get caught up in the visual chatter that we are exposed to while blogging, pinning, Luving, Keeping... so much to see.  Which is why the work Heather does is even more impactful for me. Her attention to detail and ability to exercise restraint while keeping history in the mix is not an easy thing to do and she does it so well. 

Someday if we ever find a beach shack to renovate or a nice piece of property in the country,
 I will call Heather A. Wilson.  

You can see more images (shot by one of my favorites William Abranowicz) in Real Simple, with Heather's commentary on the space - its a great read as this is... surprise... her home.

She is architect, interior designer and her own client on this project. The home is kid friendly, and yes, slipcovers work with kids! We talk about that at Canvas Interiors all the time - the slipcovers are the key!  You can't wash melted chocolate off of an upholstered sofa. I always have to cheer when I come across someone with kids and slipcovers. 

You can see more of Heather's work here:


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