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So my latest and greatest plan for chez K is to build a version of this:

A few posts and a roof and a fireplace. Easy right?  Currently we have a big empty space on the side of  the pool that is begging for this.  I am calling the builder today.  

I put together my own mood board of things from Canvas Interiors (my other side job) that I would use.  The slipcovered pieces are outdoor. Yup. They can get rained on and presto - good as new.  The other pieces would survive outside in a covered area.  

you can find these pieces here

Here are a few other outdoor spaces that I will be showing the builder for inspiration:

imagine this one with a roof but the fireplace at the end is what I'm thinking.

light and airy

and I love the symmetry and style of this Beth Webb version

I am determined to make this happen so we can enjoy the summer with a bit of outdoor living. 
Get ready Mr. K.  We will have a construction crew in our backyard very soon.  

image 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

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