new old house

A new house built to look old is a challenging assignment. Many times you can see the intent, but not the results.  This build on the other hand seems to echo an old world charm without trying to be a museum or a theme park kind of 'old'.  

It is not overdone, it is not trying too hard to be a replica.  The result is a contemporary take on an old English home. Inside it is cozy and welcoming.  The interior design is carefully curated yet not too precious.  There are warm touches like the wood walls in the kitchen yet the overall result still feels light and airy. 

Simple elegance inside and out was the wish of the homeowner.   
The team assembled calm inviting space built for a family 
and created a new home that feels lived in.  

The team:
ARCHITECT Peter Block //
BUILDER Jim Meathe and Shaba Derazi, //

images found: here

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