straight up desire

I know I usually do the 'inspire // desire' thing when talking about shopping but today I'm just jumping right in to 'desire'.  Lets call it a shopping list. As I look at spring fashion my head is somewhat spinning.   Do I like pastels?  Flowers?  I'm just not sure yet how spring will play out for me and my closet. So for now I am feeling this...

Now, will I get all crazy and mix the leopard shoes with stripes?  I am not sure yet... but as I write this I think, why not?!

My favorite is the Tibi top.  
You know how much I like a good striped top.  
This is at the top of my list.  How about you?


1.  Tibi top in silk... a nice change from my cotton standbys
2. sunnies in a fresh shape
3. an ipad case plain and simple
4. a cigarette jean just above the ankle
5. sassy leopard flats with a touch of hot pink for a twist

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