Watching Jenna Lyons on the post inauguration Today show I had to yet again admire what she was wearing.

But more than that, I loved what she had to say. So it made me want to read a bit more about her, and not just her divorce/new relationship and emotional sale of her beautiful Park Slope townhouse that has been blogged about a gagillion times.  

This article in the NYT  is a nice glimpse inside what makes Jenna tick.  She seems humble, happy and genuine.  She came from a childhood of feeling out of place, not one of the 'in crowd'. One of the reasons there are no visible logos on J.Crew's stuff. She doesn't want to subscribe to the mentality of logo-worship to display your status, leaving others feeling left out.  

Not to mention retiring the first family's inauguration items. A class act and well done J. Crew.  

A few images from the article of Jenna's personal style:  

and a few of my current fav picks:  

I am a big fan of J.Crew, always have been.  Jenna has lead the company into a creative space that in my opinion, many brands are having trouble with. It is always a pleasure to see what she comes up with next. Very few brands have my attention this way.

It is not just about the clothes, it is about how you feel when you put them on.  

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