I have spent a lot of time this week on blog 'housecleaning'. Cleaning out my photo files, starting a new pinterest board of just blog images, cruising around tumblr enjoying images.  I must admit I was a tad in search of something new after dusting off the cobwebs. Today I tripped over this:

which took my breath away

I have seen various pins from this space here and there but never have I seen all the images together so I dug a little deeper ... the space is amazing, the images are amazing...I am so enjoying just looking at it that it really doesn't need a lot of chit chat from me.  Enjoy !

You can see more images from this gorgeous light filled space here.  
I'm so enchanted by this home.  It is a perfect blend of old and new. 

images: photo © Birgita Wolfgang Drejer / Sister Agency

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