shut the (barn) door

I was at a friend's house a few weeks ago looking at their amazing renovation.  The subject of barn doors came up. They are going to add this idea to the mix.  I had just found an image of a white one that I love. I showed them this: 

found: here

...and then went on about my day. 

I came home later that day and searched for more barn door images for my friends.  Which turned in to a blog post. Which sat in the 'draft' pile for a couple of weeks while we launched the store and went to Vegas. I finally pulled up the draft to do more image searching on the way home from Vegas, and voila.  Barn doors. 

I personally like the white one above and the one in the green door hallway below.  

S&R L this is for you.

found:  here

all other images found: here

There are so many images of barn doors floating around the web waves. And a multitude of ways you can make them work for your space.  They can be cottage white, chunky rustic, or clean contemporary.  It can jump out at you and say 'I am a barn door!" or hide quietly and blend into a white hallway like the one in the image with the green front door.  Paint it with chalkboard paint, hide the laundry area, use it as a bulletin board.   I can't wait to see what they do!


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