vegas baby

Las Vegas.  I haven't been there for 20 years. A lot has changed.  Lets just say, it still kind of freaks me out.  I will say however that the hotel we stayed in was wonderful.  The Cosmopolitan made you feel like you were tucked in to a dreamy fantasy land.   Except when the drunk people get in the elevator at 7am while you are clutching your latte.  But I digress...

Here are images of the Cosmopolitan lobby - the first is behind the check in counter, and the second is in the middle of the lobby.  All backlit photography that loops throughout the day with different images.  

This crystal confection is basically one story high and in the center of it is a bar.  
My picture doesn't do it justice. Can't imagine dusting this puppy.  I became a tad obsessed with this thing.  

morning latte stop - and the best $5 muffin I have ever had 

And on to the market. I will show you random things we are looking at for the store and if you see anything you love, let me know because feedback is always helpful!

seaweed on great chunky paper

I am loving this sofa for a more relaxed silhouette and I like the idea of gray

loving these & ordering these

here is our baby shell chandelier next to its big mamma
I think we need the big mamma

super fabulous white stuff

This giant rug would look spectacular under a crisp white sofa. 
It is a lot of color for canvas yet feels like it would fit right in if styled with the right pieces.

 this sideboard is chunky yet graphic 

we are adding some gray and black to the floor with new pillows

I am on the hunt for the perfect throws.  We want to find 'creamy dreamy' and also subtle graphic patterns.  Subtle color in just the right pattern that hasn't been done 1,000 times over ... tough thing to find in just the right combo.  

Here are a couple of rugs we liked:

silvery and cream tones

jute in different tones

We are also looking at finding a few more occasional chairs.  I liked this one for a different vibe.  Pair it with a casual sofa for a little visual tension.

giant coral sculpture

And again with the drippy chandelier.  Maybe we should craft one of these in the store...

Hope you have enjoyed the tour!  


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