a little house

As I sit in my little nook looking out over the pool I am planning our imaginary (perhaps real in a year) pool house.  We have the perfect spot for it and I have a million ideas floating around (sorry) in my mind's eye.  Is it an enclosed mini house like this one?  

rather spendy...

I love the all white and graphic green of this one

open air with a bit of prep

cozy and warm

I do love this one...California livin'

The last two images are of the Dunmore on Harbour Island, site of our wedding.  In fact, this is the exact site of our wedding before they built the pool and pool house.  The dance floor and dining tables sat where the pool now sits. There was no pool house,  just lawn... and the little kids were dancing in the grass under the moon.  Our first trip back to the Dunmore since the renovation was last July and we were so excited to see it! We can't wait to go back.  Needless to say this pool house is close to our hearts. 

Right now it is sunny, warm and strangely making me think that summer is right around the corner. Oh wait, I live in Florida... summer starts March 1.  And ends in November.  So you see, a pool pavilion would be well used.  Add a fireplace for December - February and you have a year round retreat right out the back door.  

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