If you have been reading for a while you know I love a good flea market. I grew up cruising around in the back of my parents' Country Squire station wagon stopping at antique stores and barns in the countryside north of Toronto. My sister and I would wander off and explore on our own as my parents browsed. That feeling of exploring, uncovering treasures and imagining the past has never left me. 

This brings me to France. I know - big leap but my dream vacation would be to go to France and drive around to the brocantes while basing out of a fabulous old French Chateau. Mr. K would probably call that a nightmare (the brocantes part) but I say dream. 

Which brings me to restoring a French Chateau.  Now there's a dream. I would be in absolute heaven with a project like that in my realm.  

There are two instagram feeds I want to share with you today. One I just found this morning as the lovely Julie of French_Manoir followed Canvas Interiors' instagram feed and instead of blogging I sat and looked at her images. The other is Chateau Gudanes which I have blogged about before.

Two families, dreaming big and restoring magical homes in France.  They are both from Australia. I have no idea if they know each other and it is totally random that I found both of them but I am living vicariously through them. 

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