I have been inspired by beautiful thoughts, comments and musings on the webwaves this new year. There are so many stories to share, so many things to be grateful for and look forward to.  I have taken some time this holiday season to be an observer of blogs & instagram feeds rather than stressing out about what time this blog goes live.  It was hard to do, to step away and lift my self-imposed deadlines. 

I am a workhorse. I don't give up. My parents raised me to go for it, never half-ass it (sorry Mom) and to do my best always. What I need to add to that equation in this stage of my life is that I am a creative person needing input in order to create. And seeking input takes time. I took the time to look, observe, read, absorb this holiday season and am so happy I did.  What it reinforces is that there are so many talented people out there making inspiring creative choices and doing great things. There is no way I can keep doing this (blog) unless I take the time to admire and soak in all of the amazing creativity around me. 

As we wrap up the finishing touches on our 3rd Canvas Interiors location and the kids head back to school today it is time to fire up the blog engines again. But I'm going to start slowly... ramp up to maximum output. As I mentioned before the break this blog is totally organic. It is truly a daily journal. No big plan, no editorial calendar, just me and my thoughts. And sometimes those thoughts come in the middle of 3rd grade homework.  Thus, the blog waits til the next morning as I wipe away homework tears and make dinner for hungry Small and XS K.

I begin this year by sharing a few of the things that have fueled my creativity lately. Hopefully I can provide you with the creative bits you need throughout the coming year so that you can create your inspired 2015. 

Check out these feeds/blogs/awesome sites:

I could spend all day on Nina Holst's Stylizimo site and instagram feed.

I want to find my inner Rosie. Thank you India for sharing her with us. (watch both interviews)

Maryam Montague's instagram feed is heartfelt and gorgeous.

Beth Webb's instagram feed is soulful and poetic.  

Welcome back, thank you for stopping by and I look forward to hanging out with you in 2015.

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