Today its time for us girls. You will notice that this list is a little longer than the others and that is because I edited through a gagillion things to get it down to 8 and I just couldn't.  So this list is a bit longer and lots of fun.  

I will also add these to the right side of the sidebar and move them to the top so you can just handy-dandy forward the list to 'Santa'.

From a fuzzy vest to a functional down jacket ( I live in this thing during our chilly FL winters - don't laugh) there is something for everyone at every price point.  And can I just add that the boots are possibly the best boots ever in life. 

I feel its easier for you to browse in a store-like setting so go I've put them all in the SHOP|GIFTS  tab in the menu bar above.  Check back any time and they will be there. 

Or you can shop this list: 

Happy happy! 

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