Holiday season is upon us and I for one and all about keeping things simple this year.  In that vein I am going to share gift guides here over the next week but instead of having it be a fleeting post you have to go back and search for and say 'where did I see that barware again?' you will be able to find all of them happily waiting for you in the handy dandy gift guide at the top of the page.  

Today's gift list: GOLD

Find all source information by clicking here:  SHOP|GIFTS 
or come back in a week and you will still find it all in the SHOP|GIFTS tab in the main menu bar

Gifts for the host/hostess, your sister, friends... these are all reasonably priced (all under $200) and fun. Who wouldn't love gold tattoos in their stocking? ($12!)

I am totally feeling gold/brass thing right now so this seemed like a logical place to start!  Are you ready? Set, go!

SHOP THE LIST: (note: the chevron glasses are sold out so I added a decanter below)

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