At this time of year in these southern parts we are excited to begin our fall outdoor living season.  We do live outside in the summer but it must involve a body of water or an early morning. With the arrival of Fall comes the promise of cooler weather and outdoor living without mosquitos and sweat. Weekend afternoons are about to get a whole lot more relaxing.

As I showed you last week, our backyard looks like it has been abandoned, which it sort of has. We have not really used it since April aside from the quick dip in the pool here and there. It is a dust bowl construction zone and looks pretty unloved.

Now that the inside of the addition is wrapping up (still waiting for marble countertops, long story, don't ask) it is time to turn my imagination to the backyard and show it some love.

Here are a few pics that have been inspiring me to get ready for outdoor living:

I am really excited to do sort of a homemade casual shed type thing.  I have invented a narrative, a story of our home as you walk in the door and move through the rooms from front to back. It goes from slightly formal to casual family room, to our new 'cottage' dining room addition. For the backyard the story concludes with 'the shed'.  I want to feel like I have stepped outside my back door into my Cali roots. Or the South of France.  Light and white by day, cozy and rustic by night. I think I can pull it off right?  

We will build a more permanent structure someday. But for now we are excited to throw down some new grass, hang some twinkle lights and finally uncover our favorite outdoor sofa.  A few flea market finds and a make-shift roof will complete the vibe.

top L to R: 1 // 2 // 3   bottom L to R: 1 // 2 //

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