Back to school time brings with it the time to focus on our home. Gone are the summer camp art projects strewn all over the house, the piles of half finished drawings/crafts/projects, random swimsuits and piles of flip flops everywhere. The school shoes are front and center, socks all paired up. I tuck the special art creations away in a box, the others... well, you know. I 'file' those. 

There is again a small sense of order. The kids' desks are cleaned up, sharpened pencils at the ready for homework. Which allows me the mental space to look around and regroup on the home front. I love that feeling. 

Here are a few pieces from Canvas Interiors to get you in the mood to feather your nest for fall. 

We love the little details and revel in the subtle touches. Shells, nailheads, wicker texture (those nesting baskets are really large btw - great for storing blankets)

You can find these items on our website to start your fall nesting ideas. Start a pinterest board, 'keep' it, dream it. 

direct links to the pieces above: chandelier | bar stool | chair | baskets 

ps: if you haven't found 'keep' yet, check it out. its like pinterest with direct shopping links. follow me HERE

images: ©canvas interiors

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