In high school the words 'back to school' were not that exciting in the fashion department for me. Those words meant getting new black Oxford shoes and making sure my kilt didn't still have staples in the hem from the year prior when I was trying to make it shorter. Did my hunter green knee socks still have enough elastic in them to get me through another year? Where was that damn plaid tie anyways?  

So today I decided to dress my adult self for 'back to school' as if I had all the choice in the world. Here is what I would have worn to school today if it was my first day back. 

I would start with a basic skinny jean and the ever classic Frye boot.

Add an army jacket, cheeky tee (because it is my grown up self going back to school after all) and a fab tote. The best part of your adult self indulging back to school shopping urges? No homework. 

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