We are at a standstill on the addition.  In a stroke of timing genius apparently the roof shingle company 'shut down' due to an 'issue' and is 6 weeks behind on their orders.  The one roof shingle factory in the country we need to use in order to match our existing shingles and that is the factory that shuts down. Now. This month. Awesome.

I have my fingers crossed that shingles arrive in the next two weeks as we ordered them a while ago. Until the roof is complete we can't move forward with doors/windows/AC etc... the space has to be secure and dry before we move on.  

In the meantime I had an epiphany yesterday. We are struggling to match existing flooring in the family room/kitchen (travertine tile that I don't love in the first place).  I have driven to a multitude of hot and far away tile places to try to find something at least close enough. Round and round I go, not finding what we need.  Then I had a moment yesterday. It struck me like a ton of bricks. Wall to wall sea grass. Done. Decision made. 

I asked "Mr Google" as my kids call it, and found these images that led me straight to Cote de Texas' fantastic 2009 post on the subject. Durable, spill resistant, classic.  Her info although written a long time ago, is super helpful. Lots of tips and advice.

I am so happy to move forward with this decision and think it will look fantastic. It works in any setting whether fancy or informal. 

Thank you Cote de Texas for the informative post - it really sealed the deal for me.  

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