I have had a slight obsession with the Sundry clothing since I blogged about them last summer.  I adore, love, covet their pieces. I have one summer staple that is about to shred... a little white dress skirt coverup that I reach for before all other beachy items...sadly I can't find it in this summer's collection. So I treat it nicely, wash it gently and hope to get through this summer with it.

 a rare appearance by me on my blog, image L: Babs Langdon // image R: John Washburn while we were on a '3 hour tour'

I love the look and feel of this brand, the sunny carefree attitude of the styles. Companies like this inspire me to create a pure, unfiltered presentation of our 'Canvas' brand. The blog and the store all have the same philosophy. Keep it simple, be true to yourself and your style.  If you start with a simple canvas, you can create a life of style. Sundry pieces work into that equation for me. 

Here are some of my favorite Sundry pieces:

Happy, casual, carefree. Works for me. 

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