Love letter to Sundry clothing

Ok I don't even know what to say here except this brand makes me speechless.

My kids are screaming, bedtime is near, everyone is tired.  I sit down at my computer with my shoulders up around my ears and just hope for 5 minutes of peace. I go to the Sundry site to see what they have designed for fall.

My heart rate has slowed, my shoulders are back where they should be and I feel peaceful (also might have something to do with the glass of wine sitting next to my computer).

I simply love this brand.  To evoke such an emotional response from imagery and exceptional design is not often done.  Dear Sundry, I love you.

I write about what I love, I have no major editorial 'plan'. 
Mine is truly is a blog of instant thought and emotion.
Sundry gets me every time. 

all images: Sundry clothing


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